“Green Music Festival” is aiming to be the one of the most attractive event for Balkan audiences, especially young people. Being held in Mitrovica, it offers a unique attraction element to the international’ people, given also political (cultural diversities) specifics of the Mitrovica city. It is one of the rare cultural activities offered to foreign visitors in the north of Kosovo, but it has proved to be a successful festival.


The main goal of the “Green Music Festival” is to raise the public awareness on environmental protection and conservation, calm down the tense situation in Mitrovica, and improve the interethnic-cultural life in the northern part of Kosovo. 

Green Music Festival was organized for the first time on 2001 and it was supported by: Mitrovica Municipality, “Culture for all” an EU program, Luxembourg Embassy, The Netherlands Embassy, and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport,
Green Festival includes interdisciplinary cultural activities such as: street art, movie screening,garden contest, environmental actions, etc

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