More than 100 years ago, as a result of many events in the Balkans, the big invasions of the Balkan population were also made. Also our great-grandfather, with all the difficulties of survival, was at that time in the territories of the Ottoman Empire. As a kid he was taught to make mash and salty, then began selling them. After a while of his activity in Turkey, it was time to return, where he took his profession with him.

In 1943, in the place called Golesh, which at that time was still under Italian occupation, opened the first independent mosque to sell Kos, ashure, salep and sugar apple. While in 1956 he was deployed in Mitrovica where he and his sons opened the “Kosovo” confectionery, which was facing the hotel “Pallace” (Old).
In 1968, in the center of Mitrovica, in the center of the city of Mitrovica, opened the “Balkan” confectionery, which is still found in the same place, known by all for booze without additives, crown princes, shampoos and many other cakes traditional.

As in the other crafts that are passed on through generation, we too, now as the fifth generation, so with my family, using the experience gained we opened the “Balkan Special” in June 2016, which is also in the middle of the city center.

Modern times have brought the most contemporary idea by making us refresh our menu and adapt to the requirements of our customers.

You can enjoy different ice cream flavours starting from modern flavours, classic all the way through to traditional flavours.
We always stand close to our customers and we are at their service