Isa Boletini  (15 January 1864 – 23 January 1916) was an Albanian nationalist figure and guerilla fighter, born in the village of Boletin near Mitrovica. He was one of the leaders of the Albanian Revolt of 1910 in Kosovo Vilayet and became a major figure of Albanian struggle against the Ottomans, Serbia and Montenegro.

Isa Boletini was tall, well-built, and strong with a great reputation whose deeds of bravery and escapes from Turks and Serbs had become legends in Albania. He is considered one of Albania’s greatest patriots and heroes. His ideas influenced the likes of Midhat Frashëri and prominent Albanian Nationalists.

In 2004, Ibrahim Rugova, president of Kosovo awarded him the highest order “Hero of Kosovo” along with Adem Jashari, Hasan Prishtina, andBajram Curri. He was noted for always wearing the traditional Albanian white cap (Qeleshe) and national dress.

A statue of him was uncovered in Mitrovica on the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania and Flag Day (28 November 2012).