The Banjska Monastery was built between 1312 and 1316 in Banjska village by King Milutin on the site of an older paleochristian building. The monastery was supposed to be the burial place of King Milutin, but in 1389 the relics were transferred in Trepca and later in 1445 in Sofia, Bulgariawhere they reside today. The design of the church which was dedicated to Saint Stephen has western influences with three-colored stones.

The design was done by Fra Vita from Kotor who also designed the Visoka Decan Monastery. The sculpture of Sokolica Virgin, has been moved to Sokolica Monastery. A major restoration of the monastery began in July 2003 and because of the earlier successive reconstruction works the original appearance has changed.The monastery was used for two purposes, as a mausoleum and as a donation. It is a protected monument by the Republic of Kosovo with the status number “0301-551/90”.