Colloquially known as “Kaçamak Mëhallë”, not far away from the old centre of Mitrovica town, in a wide yard, the house of Koroglu family is located. Data indicate that the house was built around the first half of 19th century, by the said family, Koroglu.

The house has a residential function. It belongs to the type of closed foyer. Foundations are made of stones and massive walls on the ground floor were brick laid with the stone, while the other walls are constructed of the staff beams, with bricks forming the house construction in the upper floor. External walls are clad with the plastering technique, using lime mortar.

To the south of the house, the foyer protrudes in the form of prism. Protrusion of upper floor beams off the planimetry of ground floor walls of south and east facade not only does it increases the internal surface area but also forms the external artistic view of the house.

The foyer’s platform through cushion-shaped support or profilized under-beams is carried from four fixed masts to the yard’s platform. In addition to foyer’s windows, on the first floor, all other windows are original. A window is open on the west facade, while three single-wing windows are open to the north.

The ceiling is a functional and aesthetic mixture of the foyer and has a room. Rooms are facing southwest and southeast and access to them is done through foyer area. Furniture affixed in the walls represents rich artistic decorations engraved in the wood.

The roof is covered with hardened clay bricks and traditional tiles. The structure did not move. Except for a few interventions to the interior and exterior, the facility has generally preserved its originality.

The house did not suffer major changes in time. Nowadays, the old civic house is not being used by family members, but the house preserved the residential character.