The Boulevard consists of three Squares, the first is the Adem Jashari Square, it leads to Mehe Uka right to the top of Isa Boletini Square.

The boulevard takes changes season to season, during the summer season, thousands of immigrants from all over Europe come to visit their families in Mitrovica, the night life takes a different form and shape, it becomes much better and many organised events tend to take place, you’ll see people on streets roaming around greeting and waving each other, getting a bite to eat or even just sit at a coffee shop and enjoy the world go by till the early hours in the morning.

Hotel Jadran is located in Adem Jashari Square. It is currently a cultural monument that was built in 1928 and one of the symbols of today’s divided city.

The one-storey corner hotel has dominating dome in its corner. Even though the building was built in the 1920s, it was created with striking Art Nouveau elements. With the exception of the ground floor, where there was a redevelopment of the space that now serves as a shop, the hotel was no longer seriously modified. A model for the construction of this building was Union Hotel, which grew up in the center of Pristina in 1927.

The building of the hotel was built by the wealthy family of Žarkovici in the times of the Kingdom of SHS. After World War II, it was taken over by the state and served as the administrative seat of NT LUX, then also as the Latif Berisha City Library. At present, it is in private ownership and its ground floor is filled with shops and restaurants.